has been open in one form or another for virtually 17 years, proudly serving the UK ageplay scene. Growing as the scene itself grew. It started in simple ways as just being a place for me (Daddy Paul – Care4baby) to show my pasties and original artwork.

But then as time went on, I added chatrooms and forums and groups and everything people come to expect from all sites thanks to the giants like Facebook and Fetlife. But that model hasn’t been working, I’ve struggled with it for years, just not generating the momentum that the current generation of ageplayer demanded. The c4b site lost out to the mainstream as they loosened their policies and allowed us fetish crowd more access. Sites like  Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Whatsapp and Kik are now far more tolerant to fetplay. And since the scene has expanded with new blood these younger guys and girlsare part of this growth and these sites are the tools that they use to communicate with others in the scene now.

Well as you can imagine.. I just can`t compete with this GLOBAL competition.

So the site faded, its social aspects now dwarfed and irrelevant to the modern ageplayer–

I’ve done what I need to do survive and I`ve scaled the site back. I have chosen to withdraw the social aspects of the site. This means I don`t have to chase members any more , so Rolling things back I’ve opened the doors and removed the requirement to log in. Then because of this I have had to remove the forums and the chatrooms which were painfully underused and importantly cost me , as the hoster, money to provide a service that it was clear no-one really wanted, they all had their places to chat and my site wasnt it.

For me it is a sad day. But it is really about survival. “Evolution” as it were.. and those of you who truely know me know how important that is to me. Really I see that the core of the Care4baby site is about connecting people too and sharing information, solid advice and guidance. When you think about it that is at the core of what I do as a Daddy.

So, I guess Im saying I am still totally community focused though, I still have an active and up-to date calendar of Ageplay events both in the UK and also Worldwide. This is still the place where you can find a real world group near you of real people who are all active in the scene and just waiting to meet you. Don`t be shy, find a gathering near you and jump straight in you are NOT alone.

What also remains are hundreds of links to the scene at large, everything you need to find anything you need within our fetish. Diaper suppliers, clothes manufactures, Professional ABDL Nurseries to attend and the blogs of hundreds of people on the scene like you. Artists, photographers, sugarbabies etc.

If your an old hand here.. Welcome back. I hope you find something still to keep you entertained.

If you’ve never been before.. Welcome to this now smaller, neater and more focused playspace., designed for you.

Daddy Paul.

Come on in. Don`t be shy. You are welcome here.

Please note :
See more of their fantastic artwork here at their Deviant Art webpage or support them directly at their Patreon Page